Basic Healthcare for All is an easily comprehensible exposition of matters that let us understand our various health issues, especially the ones that are lifestyles-related. The information being provided in these pages must not be treated as any formal medical advice. Please do seek medical proper medical consultation for any/all your ailments, and use the information provided herein only to understand your stated health issues, and their course of treatment in a proper perspective.

The diseases that may afflict us during our lifetime may either be congenital (present since birth) or the acquired ones. The congenital conditions are different from inherited/genetic disorders. Of the acquired ones, the infectious diseases and the 'lifestyle-governed' ones are the main that hit us at any point of time in our life. Of course, as and when we are struck with one, he naturally seek a medical remedy if the seriousness of the malady warrants so. We do seek either prophylactic or therapeutic treatments to counter out various diseases.